Here we have tried to list answers to some of the more frequently asked questions we get asked.

Q. How do I place an order?
A. The majority of our products can be ordered securely online and your files can be uploaded to your own online gallery during checkout.
This is the preferred method as you will received confirmation and status emails automatically during the production process and when
completed and despatched or ready to collect.

You can also email, fax or post written instructions of your requirements and confirm any prices taken from our website or printed pricelist.
(We are happy to provide quotes on request if you are unsure about any costs). If you have been sent a quote please confirm the quote number.
Please clearly state your name, contact details, delivery address and any deadlines you may be working to on your order. Include your images on CD
or upload your file via our website. We will then email you an order confirmation showing the final costs inc VAT and any delivery charges, and how to
make payment.Unless you have already applied for and opened a credit account with us you will then need to send payment by cheque, call us with
your credit card details or pay using our secure online payment form.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?
A. We accept all major credit and debit cards except Amercian Express, we also accept PayPal payments. Credit card payment is the quickest and safest
method and can be paid by ordering online, or if ordering in any other way via our secure online payment page on receipt of our order confirmation.
We also accept cheques, but if you do not have a trading history with us we would suggest posting a cheque with your order to give it time to clear before
despatch or collection.
Once you have built up a trading history with us we will be happy to send you an account application form to apply for a 30 day trade account. Schools,
Colleges and Government bodies need only to send an official written purchase order.
If you already have a credit account and would like to order online on account please simply register as normal, we will then upgrade your profile to allow on
account ordering within 24-48 hours. If you need to place an urgent order, contact us to request that your profile be upgraded immediately.

Q. How do I send my files for printing?
A. The preferred and quickest option is to order online - you can then upload files to your personal gallery area during checkout, making subsequent checking
and re-orders very easy. Or you can post a CD, or send via our upload files page. When sending work via upload always ZIP all your files in a folder with your
name or company as the folder name. Enter your job requirements in the message box and include your full Name, Address and Telephone number. Please
also add any Cypher quote number or job number you have been given to avoid any delays, as we cannot book in or process any work until we have received
written instructions.

Q. What is a digital print?
A. Digital print is printing produced on a specialist digital press which does not use any form of printing plates as with offset litho printing. The main benefit is that
there is very little setup cost so print runs can be from one upwards. Litho printing tends to only start being economical after many hundreds or even thousands,
digital print allows you to order only what you need. However as we have a partner litho company we can quote on the most appropriate solution for you.
The other main benefit of digital is that multiple designs or kinds are no problem (again no plates are required) and even full personalisation where every print is
different becomes a reality.

Q. Can you print on textured or any other stocks?
A. Digital printers are more limited than litho presses in the stocks they can handle, we have a wide range of stock but we cannot print on textured stock at all.
However as we have a partner litho print company we can quote on just about anything, although litho print run lengths are longer. We can also print onto
durapaper, self adhesive labels and some smooth specialist stocks.

Q. Which file formats do you accept?
A. Please see our Artwork Guidelines for full details.

Q. Do images need to be in RGB or CMYK colour?
A. All images and artwork needs to be CMYK.

Q. What about images created with photo editing software?
A. Please provide images created at at least 300 pixels per inch or 300dpi. If you have incorporated any text we suggest 400-600dpi.

Q. What is the maximum digital print area?
A. Our maximum paper size is SRA3 which is 320mm x 450mm. The maximum printable area is 315mm x 444mm, although this must include bleed and cropmarks.
So realistically with the minimum 2mm bleed on each edge the final maximum printed area after trimming is 311mm x 440mm,

Q. Will the print colours be like what I see on my computer screen?
A. No... The image you see on your screen is made up of RGB colours and your screen is in effect a big lightbulb so what you see is called additive colour.
As paper cannot be lit up, the ink colours do not have the benefit of light enhancing them and making them brighter, this is commonly called subtractive
colour. We calibrate our printers so we get the best colour range possible. Many cameras also tend to show a colour cast ie slightly yellow, or blue for instance.
If this is very obvious we will adjust your image before printing. if in doubt please order a proof. If you do not order a proof you will be agreeing to accept any final
prints unchecked.